Internship Opportunities

A world of opportunity.

At Delaware North, you have an opportunity to make an impact in a unique slice of the hospitality industry, working with colleagues who are passionate about what they do. We create memorable experiences in well-known, high-profile settings around the world. Because our business spans stadiums to casinos, airports to hotels, there’s no telling where your job can ultimately take you.

With us, you have the opportunity to learn and grow professionally, move functionally and geographically, and prepare yourself for advancement—all while doing engaging, satisfying work that brings new and different challenges every day. In our vibrant, growing company, every role and every position affects the business. The impact you make depends on you, your vision, and your drive.

Location, Location, Location

Our properties around the world are dynamic, exciting, and fun. We act as stewards of our amazing locations, using resources wisely while creating memorable experiences for our guests. Because our business spans stadiums to casinos, airports to hotels, there’s no telling where your job can ultimately take you.

At Delaware North, we offer two types of internship programs:

Field Internships
The objective of the internship program is to provide students in Hospitality Management (or similar discipline) the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-life work situations, under the guidance of a Delaware North manager. Students will participate in either an internship or co-operative (externship) program, working at our operations in either a frontline or hourly supervisor position. They will have the opportunity to get exposed to our business, develop their management skills, and determine whether they would like to pursue a career in our industry. The program will consist primarily of on-the-job training, complemented with some online training programs.

We are seeking highly-motivated, hard-working individuals with a genuine interest in a management career in hospitality. Additional competencies include:
  • Customer service oriented
  • Takes initiative
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment
  • Flexibility
  • Responsible/reliable
  • Ability to work well with others/team oriented
  • Willingness/ability to work long hours
  • Ability to prioritize multiple demands, time management skills

Corporate Internships
Delaware North has established a corporate office internship program to attract highly-motivated students interested in the hospitality industry to work and train in our business, bring new insights and fresh ideas to the challenges at Delaware North. We provide a fun, fast-paced and friendly environment for our interns, offering students an inside look on working for a global hospitality company.

Internships at the corporate office are offered 3 times per year that corresponds with the college/university semester schedule: Fall, Spring and Summer. Internships are paid and can be completed for academic credit. Opportunities are available in Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance/Accounting, Marketing/Communications, and Business Development. Click here to apply. 

"Delaware North was unique in that I truly felt I was part of the team, not just "the intern". My time at Delaware North was truly a learning experience that has progressed my knowledge of the workplace and prepared me for life after graduation."

Tessa Intern