New Hire Timeline

Wondering where you are at in the process? Take a look at the chart below. Be patient, it won't take long before your first day of work. If you have any questions, please contact your department manager or Human Resources at or 404-494-1200.

Atlanta Sportservice Recruitment Timeline

Deck Circle: Assessment Rock Star!
You made the team! And you are about to make yout first run to success! Start at 1st Base, remember that yellow and white packet we gave you at the end of your assessment? Don't forget to read it carefully!

1st Base: Time to Process-In!
It is time for you to come back for processing! Make sure your white packet is completed and review the checklist from your other packet to ensure you arrive prepared.

It's time to make you an active associate! As we process your information, feel free to relax before you come back for Orientation! Don't forget to review your orientation flyer for further details. Don't be late!

2nd Base:
Onboarding Orientation!

CONGRATULATIONS! You are half way there! AtOrientation you will learn rules, policies and programs Delaware North offers to help you succeed. BONUS: This is a paid training at $7.25 per hour.

You've completed your company orientation, it's time for your department technical training! Make sure to review the information you recieved at Orientation for specific information on your training. Your department is anxious to meet you.

3rd Base: Department Training!
You are at the final step! At this training you will learn all about your department and your specific role. Feel free to ask questions as your managers will be your facilitators. Remember to come prepared to purchased to purchase your uniform. BONUS: This is a paid training at $7.25 per hour.

HOME PLATE: PHEW! You made it!
We knew you were great since day one! You have completed all requirements that qualify you to start working. Wait for your first schedule from your department. Pay close attention to your e-mail and cellphone. If you have any questions, contact your manager or scheduler.

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