Frequently Asked Questions about Group Fundraising

How much can our group make?
New groups working in permanent stands can earn up to either a $65 per person guarantee, or a commission of up to 20% net food sales, whichever is higher. Groups working portables can earn up to 18% of net food sales plus tips. Higher guarantees and percentages will occasionally be offered for certain holiday or playoff games on a case-by-case basis.

Last year, Sportservice paid out over $600,000 to local fundraising groups.

How many events are we expected to work?
Groups are contracted to work all home hockey games for each season they sign up for, with options to commit to additional concerts and special events. Groups are always encouraged to volunteer for as many events as they are able.

How many workers do the concession stands require?
Our concession stands range in size and require anywhere from 3-12 people to operate. Portables require between 1-5 people depending on location.

How old do volunteers need to be?
All group members must be 18 years of age or older.

Are all group members required to serve alcohol?
Yes. Alcoholic beverages are served at all of our concession stands, with VERY minimal exceptions. All group members will need to handle and serve alcohol, and will be required to complete our annual alcohol awareness training program.

What kind of training is required?
All group members are required to attend our orientation and training session. The class covers all aspects of running a concession stand, Sportservice rules and regulations, PCI compliance, food safety, and alcohol awareness training. The class will last 3-4 hours, and must be completed by every group member. Each individual group member that attends the training is expected to work at least 10 events out of the group’s commitment.

Who coordinates our group’s scheduling?
Your group will need to appoint at least one person to be your group leader/contact person. This contact person will be responsible for scheduling training, scheduling and providing the names of all group members who will be working each event, and accepting general communications from Sportservice. It is up to your group to determine how the money is distributed amongst the group once your group payments are received.

What do we wear?
We will provide you with a shirt for each event (please make sure you let us know your group’s shirt sizes prior to each event). Group members must wear either khaki or black pants (no shorts or capri pants), comfortable closed-toed shoes, and either a Sportservice hat (provided by us) or a pre-approved Group hat. Name tags will be provided by us.

Who do I contact?
You can contact Sydney Bend, Group Coordinator, at (615) 853-4020 or via Email

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