Our Markets provide a wide variety
of beverages and snacks.
Market 100 pictured.


Buffalo Sportservice has been there since day one for the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres as the two formed a partnership in advance of the team’s inaugural season of 1970. Sportservice operates food and beverage services in all concession stands located around the arena.

Our concession food and beverage provides premium and casual experiences to all fans and guests who enter. With a wide variety of menu options, ranging from pretzels and popcorn to Buffalo’s own freshly dipped Beef on Weck, LaNova Pizza, and Perry’s Ice Cream, we cater to every event, person, and budget. Don’t just take our word for it. Join us at one of Buffalo’s best events to taste for yourself.

Delaware North gives their teams and chefs the ability to create culinary masterpieces. Here at KeyBank Center, read first the new options coming to your favorite concession stands!

Buffalo Sportservice New Concessions Items

Coming Soon!

Where to find your favorite classics

Buffalo’s own Beef on Weck

Pile High Deli – Aisle 7, 100 Level

  Aud Club Carvery – Aisle 11, 100 Level

  Carvery – Aisle 2, 100 Level

   Aud Club Pub – Aisle 2, 300 Level

LaNova Pizza

Aisle 6 and Aisle 17 on the 100 Level

Aisle 7, Aisle 14, and Aisle 21 on the 300 Level

Perry's Ice Cream

Creamery – Aisle 6, 100 Level

Kid's Cove Creamery – Aisle 17, 100 Level

Creamery – Aisle 20/21, 300 Level

Market - New to the 2016-2017 Season, our Markets provide a wide variety of canned beer and non-alcoholic beverages along with snacks and candy for all!

Aisle 6, 100 Level

Aisle 1, 300 Level

Pretzels and Popcorn located at many concession stands throughout the arena.

Jeff Russell
Concessions Manager

Kristin Szalkowski
Assistant Concessions Manager