General Game Day Info

Entering and Exiting the Stadium

Game day staff must enter and exit through the designated employee entrance on the 000 Level. Staff may not enter and exit through the stadium gates on the main concourse. Bags larger than 8 x 10 x 14 are NOT ALLOWED into the stadium. Anyone with a bag is subject to a search when entering and exiting the stadium, and everyone entering the stadium is subject to a pat down.

You may bring in lunch or a snack, but no food or beverages may be taken out of the stadium.

Any contraband items found will be confiscated; we will not hold any prohibited items for you during the game. If you are found to be bringing in or taking out these items it could be grounds for your immediate termination.

Your Contact Information

All contact information you provide to Delaware North Sportservice - Carolina Panthers remains confidential. Your information is used for employment purposes only. We will not share your information with outside parties unless required for purposes of employment.

If any of your contact information (mailing address, phone number, email address, etc.) changes during the course of your employment, it is your responsibility to let us know. You can update your information from the website by visiting the Human Resources page and filling out the necessary form.

Game Day Uniform

Specific requirements for your game day uniform are listed in the manual for your specific position. You should not alter or change the exterior appearance of your game day uniform unless it is approved by your supervisor.

  • We report to work bathed or showered and use and antiperspirant/deodorant. Our perfume and cologne, if worn is not overbearing.
  • Nametags are part of the uniform and must be worn at all times. Nametags must be worn on the left chest area (on right if logo is on left) of the outermost garment. Replacement cost for lost name tag is $5.00
  • Black or Neutral colored shoes. NO EXTREME colors. (ONLY BLACK SHOES ALLOWED TO BE WORN IN CLUB LEVEL). Shoes must be in good condition, have slip resistant soles, low heels and be closed heal- closed toed. 
  • Belt must be solid black or brown. No designs, embellishments or Large Belt Buckles. 
  • Shirts must be tucked in and neat while on Bank of America Property.
  • Pants must fit appropriately (waist level) and be black, Dockers style pants or skirts past knees are acceptable. No Cargo, Capri, Carpenter, Painters, Skinny, Denim of any type or color, Baggy, or low-rise pants acceptable. They also must be free from holes, tears, frays and large designer logos. 
  • Shorts worn in warehouse areas must fit appropriately (waist level) and be of Khaki or black in color. No Capri, Carpenter, Painters, Skinny, Denim of any type or color, Baggy, or low-rise pants acceptable. They also must be free from holes, tears, frays and large designer logos. 
  • You may not bring anything or wear anything that advertises anther NFL team.
  • Jewelry is permitted, if worn must be in conservative style, size and number as deemed appropriate by a management and/or unless otherwise specified by government law or regulations. (a watch, a wedding band, earring, a bracelet and a necklace)
  • Earrings if worn can only be stud earrings. No Gauges. No Earrings allowed to be worn by Men working in Suites or the Club Level.
  • No visible body or Facial piercings.
  • No visible or offensive tattoos.
  • Nails are to be clean and kept short, nail polish of light color is allowed. No false nails (acrylic, gel, silicone, or pressed on) may be worn.
  • Makeup should look natural and worn in moderation.
  • Hair must be clean, neatly groomed and conservatively styled. Hair color or highlights must look professional and NOT EXTREME in color. Hair should length or longer, must be pinned up or restrained with a pony tail.
  • Beards and mustaches must be well kept and neatly trimmed no more than one inch long. We are clean shaven if a beard is not worn unless otherwise specified by government law or regulations. 

Check In staff reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone not abiding by these guidelines.

You are required to be in complete uniform and ready to work when you are at check in.

Your position's specific uniform requirements are listed in your position's manual.

Game Day Parking Information

Parking for game day employees of Stadium Food and Beverage is available in a lot about 3 miles away from Bank of America Stadium. There is no charge to park in this lot.

This is a carpool ONLY lot. You must have at least one other DNC Sportservice employee with you in your car to park in this lot. Employees who arrive at the lot by themselves will not be allowed to park. This Carpool Lot is only open to Delaware North Sportservice employees. If you issues with carpooling please email the HR Manager to be added to the single rider list.

Delaware North Sportservice - Carolina Panthers reserves the right to change parking policies at anytime during the season. Any changes to game day parking policies will be posted on our website and sent via email to the email address we have on file.

Volunteer Group Bus Parking

We encourage our volunteer groups to arrive by Bus if possible. It is easier on the group for parking and each group that comes in a bus receives a BUS Parking Permit for a nearby lot for FREE Parking.

Please contact Kaitlyn Burton for more information.

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