GuestPath is Delaware North's continuous improvement process. 

It helps us deliver outstanding service to each and every guest. 

Our Universal Service Standards are the foundation on which we build and deliver our Delaware North service philosophy. They guide us during every guest and associate interaction and help us achieve our service promise of “Creating Special Experiences One Guest at a Time.” The experience begins with each of one of us and the standards apply to all Delaware North companies. It is up to each and every one of us to create special experiences! 

Universal Service Standards

  1. Professional Appearance and Grooming 
  2. Attentive Posture 
  3. Gracious and Friendly Service 
  4. Guest Name 
  5. Greeting Guests 
  6. Thanking the Guest 
  7. Teamwork 
  8. Pride in Facility Maintenance and Appearance 
  9. Product Knowledge and Associate Skills 
  10. Telephone Courtesy 

The 10 Universal Service Standards are all a part of the 4 Key Elements of Service Delivery: 

  1. Being Prepared to Work 
  2. Greeting the Guest: this includes a greeting as well as an offer of service 
  3. Using the Guest's Name 
  4. Thanking the Guest: a thank you is not complete unless it is accompanied by a farewell wish! 

As a Delaware North associate/ volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn more about GuestPath during training and throughout the season. GuestPath is a process, not a destination. We never stop improving.

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