Animal Welfare Commitment

Delaware North expands upon its continuing efforts to drive sustainability in the food supply chain by committing to the welfare of broiler chickens.

In support of corporate social responsibility and as a part of our ongoing efforts, Delaware North is committed to the responsible sourcing of products that are sustainable, meet consumer expectations, and make good business sense. Through each purchasing decision, we have the ability to impact the environment, health and wellness, social justice, and animal welfare. We partner with various suppliers to support our goals that drive continual improvement.

The company understands the issues related to the welfare of broiler chickens. We partner with and expect our suppliers to take action that improve conditions.

Broiler Welfare Policy
The policy requests that poultry suppliers of broiler chickens act on the following by 2024:

  • Improve welfare outcomes associated with fast-growing breed strains according to the Global Animal Partnership’s (GAP) standards. 
  • Provide enriched environments including natural light, hay bales, litter, perches, and lighting per GAP standards. 
  • Ensure maximum stocking density is equal to/less than 6 pounds per square foot per GAP standards.
  • Render birds unconscious prior to shackling using Controlled or Low Atmosphere Stunning.
  • Provide details on compliance by a third-party auditor.

Next Steps

As a major food service provider and a leader in the industry, the company is further developing a comprehensive platform that contributes to a more sustainable food supply while collaborating with our partners.