Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people do we need to bring?
    Your group would set the number of people it would provide for the seasons events. Once you are assigned a location, you will have a minimum required to operate your stand. You may bring additional if allowed by management.
  • How will we be placed?
    Based on the size of your group, we will appropriately place your group into a concession stand.
  • How do we earn donation dollars?
    Based on the sales your stand does, your group will earn a percentage of those sales as your donation from Sportservice.
  • How much can we earn?
    This varies based upon your group size, stand or stands, and event. Donations amount for the previous year were over 1 million dollars to groups for the season.
  • When do we report?
    You report through the volunteer entrance 2 hours prior to gates open, which is 2 hours prior to kickoff. Door is locked 30minutes to gates opening, if you are behind please call and we can make arrangements.
  • What are our uniforms?
    A uniform will consist of black casual pants, Dockers style, a black Lambeau Field hat(purchased by group for 10 dollars per hat), black closed toe shoes and we will provide you with a Lambeau Field Polo to be turned in after the end of your shift. In colder months we do allow for snow pants and will provide a Lambeau Field wind breaker. You are encouraged to dress appropriately for colder weather games.
  • Are we required to do training?
    We provide trainings for all volunteers. These trainings are held here at Lambeau Field or we will travel to your groups location if you are able to get a minimum of 25 volunteers the off site training. All volunteers must attend a training session.
  • How many events must we work?
    Your groups is required to work all events for the season. This includes Family Night, two pre-season games, 8 regular season games, as well as any playoff games. We do offer full schedule or block scheduling to fit busy schedules.
  • Where do we get a Tax Identification Number?
    This can be obtained at the IRS website and going to the Non Profit section and filing a W-9 form.
  • Where do we park?
    Parking is done on the side streets surrounding the stadium or purchasing a parking space at one of the local businesses that parks cars. This is the responsibility of the groups. Also, there is parking at Oneida Bingo and Casino and a shuttle is provided by the City of Green Bay. There is a fee to park at Oneida Bingo and Casino. For more information visit

If you are having difficulties completing this training, contact the NPO Coordinator: