Head Chef Gerrard Madden Salad

Crispy Cape Platter


2 kg fresh calamari rings
2 kg fresh white bait
1 kg fresh crayfish tails
Black onion seeds
6 eggs
1 liter Indian pale ale
2 kg plain flour
1 kg corn flour
1 kg bread crumbs
4 liters sparkling water
4 heads baby gem lettuce
4 heads of chicory
1 kg heritage tomatoes
1 liter double cream
2 freshly chopped coriander
Rock vinegar salt


  1. Clean all fish prior to cooking.
  2. The ale & flour are used to make the batter for the white bait. This can be made and left to rest.
  3. The sparkling water and flour with corn flour are a mix for the popcorn cray fish.
  4. The calamari should be dusted with flour, dipped in egg then rolled in Japanese bread crumbs with black onion seeds. 
  5. The gherkins should be well drained and placed in a thermos mixer to create a smooth puree that may need a little xanthium gum to stabilize.
  6. Warm the double cream to 145 degrees and add the gherkin puree.
  7. Place on a foam gun and keep in a water bath at 32 degrees. Split the heads of the leaf into quarters and wash.
  8. A rectangular dish is best for presentation. Place the lettuce criss crossed on the left hand side of the plate.
  9. These shall be garnished with diced heritage tomatoes and chopped coriander.
  10. Once all the fish have been dipped and cooked, center them laterally on the plate.
  11. With a foam gun at hand finish the right side of the plate to create a shore line effect and scatter vinegar rock salt.