I want to thank Sport Service for providing the Marine United Church of Christ with the opportunity to earn extra money which has been used to help the church meet its annual budget.

Our three years of participating in the Sport Service Fundraising Program at Busch Stadium has been rewarding on several levels. Ora and her staff have been extremely helpful in organizing our work schedule of games. On game days her staff is very organized in getting volunteers checked in, outfitted, and on their way to a stand.

Having worked sixteen games in 2006 and ten dates in 2007, we've been very pleased with the stand managers we've worked with-making quite a few new friends along the way at the variety of assigned stands. It has also served us as a church to work with and get to better know some of our own membership. Every game wed leave with something new to laugh at or talk about.

We've worked home openers, play-off games, and a World Series winner, and I would like to express my gratitude to all we've worked with as well as all of our volunteers who have taken precious time out of busy lives to help make this program such a rewarding experience for our church.

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