Program Details

We have a need for volunteers to work as beverage vendors, and concession workers. Spread the word to your group members, churches, schools, and charitable, not-for-profit organizations, of all the different opportunities for groups of all sizes to earn money.

  • The group works together in a concession stand selling hot dogs, beer, soda, nachos etc.
  • The group is responsible for all money handling and stock inventory. Shortages will be deducted from commission.
  • Each group must be a charitable, not-for-profit organization and must have a federal tax ID number. (This is different from the state of Missouri exemption of Missouri sale & tax on purchases & sale)
  • Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age. No one under 21 will be allowed to assist in the stand.
  • The number of volunteers required to work in a stand is 12.
  • Groups who show up with at least ten volunteers will be guaranteed to earn at least $250.00 (minus any cash and inventory shortages that may occur)
  • Each group is required to work at least twenty (20) events throughout the baseball season.
  • Each group will earn 8.5% of the net sales for each game worked, with the potential for additional earnings through our bonus program.
  • Volunteers must attend a 3-hour orientation session.
  • Uniform: solid black pants or shorts, belt, group hat or Sportservice hat and Closed toe and heel, black, rubber soled shoes and Sportservice shirt.

Fundraising Team Orientation training is scheduled from March through September.

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