Cafe Terra Rosa at Alice Springs Airport

Alice Springs Airport

Santa Teresa Road, Alice Springs, Australia 0870

Delaware North has operated Café Terra Rosa at Alice Springs Airport since 2013.

Alice Springs Airport is an Australian regional airport 7 nautical miles south of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. The airport serves as the gateway to the red center of Australia.


  • Food and Beverage

    • As a leader in food service management, we operate some of the busiest and most famous kitchens in the world. 


Aptly named to reflect the red-earthed landscape of Alice Springs, Café Terra Rosa serves a broad menu combining made-to-order, prepared and ready-to-eat items designed to eat in or on the go. The focus is on providing a well-balanced, fresh cooked-to-order menu that offers something for everyone.

Large Runways

The airport has two runways, the largest of which can accommodate a Boeing 747 or 777.

Traffic Flow

Alice Springs Airport is the 18th busiest airport in Australia.