Wilson Island

Wilson Island Resort

Gladstone, QLD

Just five acres in size, Wilson Island is a tiny coral cay island that sits on the Great Barrier Reef. Owned and operated by Delaware North, the private island resort offers comfortable safari-style tents – only six on the entire island – for a maximum of 12 guests at one time.

Surrounded by the pristine reef and beach environments, Wilson Island’s seclusion and the freedom from modern-day living are part of the appeal of this Great Barrier Reef resort. Days on Wilson can be spent snorkeling, diving or simply lounging in a hammock watching the sunset. But dining on Wilson Island is one of the highlights of any stay. The menus have a distinctive Australian feel, with a commitment to freshness, simplicity and variety. All food – with a menu that changes daily – is cooked by our chef in the open kitchen in The Longhouse, using gas-fired grills.



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Where in the world...

Wilson Island is located just above the Tropic of Capricorn.

“The payoff for the happy few who make it to Wilson is the most natural, unvarnished, unreconstructed experience in the region.”

Travel + Leisure

Nesting Turtles

Wilson Island is a significant nesting location for two vulnerable turtle species, the Green Turtle and Loggerhead Turtle.

Nature at its best

The shearwater birds of Wilson Island travel around the world, but faithfully return each year to lay their eggs.