Organic and Sustainable Food

As part of Delaware North's commitment to environmental management, we specialize in preparing and serving organic, sustainable and local cuisine. CPS Events at The Plaza is a unique partnership between Delaware North Companies and Great Performances, two companies known for consistently supporting sustainable agriculture and local growers. The Plaza hotel's Grand Ballroom is the first major entertaining and event venue in the country to incorporate the 100-Mile "field to fork" concept into all of its menus, from wedding receptions and black-tie events to business banquets and charity affairs.

Delaware North stands behind acquiring locally grown or raised food to support its numerous communities. At last year's Sierra Business Council Conference, all meals were prepared with local, sustainable produce, which helped limit waste and keep options healthy for attendees. The need for a faraway distributor was removed as all produce was purchased directly from area farmers. Even without a personal chef, you can take similar action by being focused on where the produce you are purchasing comes from. For decades Delaware North has bought from local growers and encourages others to do the same.

Delaware North's parks and resorts division has also taken strides in serving organic foods, using fresh ingredients and providing sustainable options in their restaurants. For example, at The Ahwahnee® and the other hotels and lodges in Yosemite National Park, Delaware North uses sustainable food products such as grains, legumes, flour and sugar. Chefs also use free-range beef, antibiotic-and hormone-free pork and organic turkey, and all fish served is approved by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program. Delaware North also partners with local organic farmers to supply many of its food products.

As a global hospitality company, Delaware North Companies understands the importance of creating responsible purchasing policies. Therefore, we are proud to work with our contract suppliers in addressing concerns regarding sow gestation crates. Together, we are working towards eliminating the purchase of pork products from animals bred using gestation crates in our U.S. supply chain by 2017.

Delaware North's top corporate chef and culinary ambassador, Roland Henin, has long advocated and taught the benefits of using fresh and sustainable ingredients. Our commitment to healthy, environmentally friendly options and local community growers is another way Delaware North provides its guests with the highest quality in food service.

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