Celebrating 100 Years – Proud Past – Inspired Future

100 Days Around Our World

Delaware North is celebrating an important milestone in 2015 – 100 years as a successful and growing business.

Over a 100-day period Aug. 28 through Dec. 7, Delaware North is celebrating our 100th anniversary through special events at our 130 plus locations worldwide. 100 Days Around Our World is an effort that focuses on what makes us special – the people, places and partnerships.

The mission of our 100th anniversary doesn’t solely focus on celebrating through reflecting on our proud past as a family-owned company. Our primary aim is to focus on our future success while connecting with our stakeholders including our associates and clients around the world to celebrate their efforts in helping us become what we are today – a successful and growing, privately held company.

Let the Celebrations Begin

  • Toasting 100

    • Mark this anniversary by giving a toast with the winning drink from 100th Anniversary Specialty Cocktail Contest, the Millennium Margarita!

      This drink triumphed over four worthy contenders – the Century Sidecar, Jacobs Jewel, Buffalo Old Fashioned and 1915 Cosmopolitan.

      Click here to view the recipes.

  • Meal of the Century

    • We celebrate our 100th anniversary with what we do best through our “Meal of the Century” contest. The contest called for company chefs to submit original, four-course menus that can tell our story over the last century through dishes inspired by special moments in our successful 100 years of history. The menus consisted of an appetizer, salad, entrée and dessert. More than 75 submissions were received from locations around the world. 

      These four-course meals will be featured at special “Meal of the Century” celebrations throughout the world! 

      Click here to view the winning recipes.

  • 100 Acts of Green

    • GreenPath is our environmental initiative to do our social duty and make a remarkable difference for the planet we call home. Since GreenPath started, we’ve saved millions of gallons of water and dramatically reduced our energy usage, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. For our 100th anniversary, our locations will help us go one step further in trying to preserve Mother Earth, ranging from planting new trees in order to provide more fresh oxygen to cleaning up our precious beaches. Click here to view our infographic.
  • 100 Acts of Giving

    • As one of the world’s largest and most admired privately held companies, Delaware North has a rich tradition of unmatched integrity and community service. We know that being a good corporate citizen means much more than writing a check. It means making a difference in the lives of our associates, customers, clients and the communities in which we live and provide service.
  • We Love What We do

    • Okay, we admit it. We love our jobs. We’re a team of 60,000 strong who love the people we work with and how our days unfold. Whether you’ve been part of the Delaware North family for five years or 50, the work we do is unmatched in the industry.
  • Employees are #DelawareNorthProud

    • We wouldn’t have a 100th anniversary to celebrate if not for the outstanding service our 60,000 plus associates provide worldwide. Over a 30 day period beginning in August, our employees from around the world are capturing images and video, then sharing their stories about what makes them #DelawareNorthProud.

Fun Fact

100 Days Around Our World is a global celebration showcases each of our locations over a 100 day period, allowing the world to see what makes Delaware North so extraordinary - our people, places and partnerships.

"The mission of our 100th anniversary is to celebrate by reflecting on our proud past as a family-owned company, and more importantly focusing on our future success and celebrating our partners – including our associates and clients around the world."

Chuck Moran President, Delaware North