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Delighted guests are the top priority at Delaware North. In 2004, we launched GuestPath® — a multidimensional, data-driven customer service and five-step continuous improvement process that drives exemplary customer experiences throughout our operations.
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GuestPath is built upon standards — service standards, brand standards and operational standards — and is a companywide infrastructure that embodies Delaware North’s commitment and passion for providing the utmost hospitality. Relying on a proven scientific approach to continual improvement, we empower our associates with the knowledge and skills they need to deliver first-class service.

We are constantly training, mentoring and developing our associates. We measure results through exhaustive quality assurance assessments and voice-of-the-guest feedback. From that, we identify any service and operational gaps and provide necessary support to ensure the highest level of guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Stellar customer service is a strong competitive advantage for our clients. Satisfied consumers will not only share their positive experiences with others, but most importantly — they will become loyal guests over time.

Throughout our global organization, “creating special experiences one guest at a time” is more than just our mantra for GuestPath — it’s the way we do business.


Our comprehensive standards define the minimum expectations and the correct way to perform tasks and describe the outcomes or desired end results. They are specific and measurable.


The next step of the process is to provide all of our associates with industry-leading training programs on everything from developing leadership skills to greeting guests.


By using guest satisfaction surveys and quality assurance assessments, we constantly monitor and drive to improve the guests’ experience.


Continuous improvement isn’t just about striving to be better. It’s also about celebrating our success together and providing positive reinforcement.


We consistently elevate performance by addressing gaps through identification, reduction and elimination of suboptimal operational processes. And then we put a plan in place for the incremental, continual steps of improvement.

GuestPath Objectives

GuestPath is built on the foundation of three key business objectives; increase revenues, be a strategic advantage and improving the guest experience.