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Customer Experience

Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

GuestPath® is Delaware North’s 360-degree customer experience platform. While it strives to create unforgettable experiences for our guests, the GuestPath platform also yields a valuable outcome for our clients. By delivering exceptional service, we increase guest satisfaction, encourage guest loyalty and drive incremental revenue.

With GuestPath, there is no end point: Continuous improvement of the guest experience — and, by extension, an upward trajectory of the returns we generate — is the objective.

Our program is designed by a team of thought-leaders in the industry: individuals with expertise that ranges from guest insights and social media to digital marketing, technology, human resources and — of course — customer service. Together, this team delivers on our enterprise vision: To delight guests by creating the world’s best experiences today while reimagining tomorrow.

How We Create the World’s Best Experiences

The guest experience today is more complex than ever before. While nothing replaces a warm welcome and a heartfelt thank you, a guest’s experience with a brand extends far beyond their time within a physical establishment. A brand’s online presence matters, as does the brand’s social media interactions, its leadership and the job satisfaction of its team members.

That’s why our customer experience platform has evolved from a simple team member training program into an enterprise crossroads: where training, leadership, technology, responsibility and creativity meet. These elements create today’s customer experience platform at Delaware North.

Digital Marketing & Customer Insights

A brand’s online and social media presence is a near-constant way to engage with customers. Our digital marketing team ensures each interaction is on-brand and created with an end-goal in mind. With social customer care, we ensure customers feel heard, and with social listening, we follow online sentiment to the minute.

Leadership Development

Leaders define and drive organizational culture; that’s why they’re a critical component to the guest experience. Delaware North invests in training our leaders, so they have the tools they need to be positive and inspiring role models for our team members.

Team Member Engagement

Happy team members lead to happy guests. Delaware North provides our team members with competitive compensation and benefits, on-the-job training, employee resource groups, mental health support and an enriching, supportive environment — so they can give their best to our guests each day.

Client Partnerships

Our team takes pride in delivering our partners’ brands. Not only is each Delaware North team member a valued member of our family — they are a fundamental part of your team, as well. We work closely with our partners to understand your priorities, values and culture, so our team members can seamlessly deliver on your brand.

Guest Experience

Nothing compares to a flawless, face-to-face service experience. That’s why our GuestPath® training and incentive program is — and always will be — a critical element of our guest experience platform. These elements ensure we achieve our GuestPath mission, which is to create special experiences, one guest at a time:

  • Standards. We set standards for every guest interaction, including how we start and end a conversation.
  • Training. We give our team members the right training for their role.
  • Measurement. We use various tools to measure our success, including social listening, “voice of the guest” surveys and a metric-based quality assurance program.
  • Rewards & Recognition. We recognize a job well-done through awards, bonuses, prizes and celebrations.
  • Gap Analysis. Our managers identify performance gaps and create collaborative, constructive action plans to resolve them.
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