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Recreation, Travel & Hospitality 1.0 (2022)

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed technological and cultural forces rapidly changing how, when and where people work, vacation and enjoy leisure time. The report looks at how these changes will continue to shape the recreation, travel and hospitality industries.

Parks 1.0 (2020)

Nature has long been a refuge from the bustle of urban life, but how we interact with our national parks and other natural settings is evolving rapidly – presenting both challenges and opportunities.

Medicine 1.0 (2018)

The Future of Medicine is incredibly bright for every stakeholder despite some unsettling projections.

Sports 2.0 (2016)

Challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring and even unsettling. Sparking conversation at every level of the sports world, and beyond.

Sports 1.0 (2015)

A Gaze into the Future of Sports: New technology and social dynamics are constantly changing sports, and more changes are on the way.