Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport

4100 George J Bean Pkwy, Tampa, FL 33607

Delaware North in 2015 was awarded a multiyear contract to operate a variety of food and beverage services at the Tampa International Airport.

The lineup of culinary offerings at the airport reflect Tampa’s lifestyle and iconic restaurants, as well as quick-service category leaders.

At the top of the list of local favorites is The Café by Mise En Place. A casual interpretation of the original Mise en Place, The Café is designed to provide an approachable, high-quality culinary experience that features the unique Mise en Place take on familiar foods. This casual, full-service restaurant features breakfast, lunch, dinner and a bar that starts as a tea bar in the morning and transitions through tea cocktails in the afternoon to craft cocktails in the evening; it’s all about creative cuisine that offers a delightful spectrum of simple and intricate dishes.

RumFish Grill, meanwhile, is a casual dining location housing an 8-foot-tall cylindrical aquarium framed by a giant marlin inside the restaurant. The menu features cutting-edge seafood dishes made with freshly caught fish from in and around Florida waters. The restaurant adheres to sustainable fishing practices so that only species representing thriving populations are included in the menu.

Four Green Fields is a sister location to its street-level site that is locally owned and operated. Quintessential travelers will quickly discern this Irish pub with its authentic thatch roof, a staff that treats Guinness with the respect it deserves, Irish cuisine and a warm mix of Irish/Southern hospitality.

Travelers will also have a chance to enjoy several local favorites such as New York New York Pizza and Duomo Gelato, as well as choose from a lineup of popular quick-pick restaurants, including Chick-Fil-A, Panda Express, PDQ and Auntie Anne’s.


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