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Our Vision


As a global leader in the hospitality and entertainment industry, Delaware North is committed to sustainability and responsible stewardship. In 1999, we created GreenPath® as a dedicated, proprietary stewardship platform to help us organize and accelerate efforts throughout the company to reduce our environmental impact and positively contribute to the communities we serve. We take a thoughtful approach that brings sustainability and hospitality together to create a guest experience that is both responsible and rewarding.

Supply chain

We work to understand the source of our products and their impact on the environment to improve the sustainability and transparency of our supply chain. For example, across our U.S. operations we have set the goal of sourcing 100% of single-use packaging from materials that are recyclable, renewable, compostable or contain post-consumer content by 2025 through the use of products with credible certifications such as Forest Stewardship Council and Biodegradable Packaging Institute. We also are committed to maintaining high standards of animal welfare.


We reduce and manage waste to promote a circular economy through recovery, recycling and composting – to divert materials from the landfill.

Energy & Emissions

We reduce energy use and emissions to lessen our carbon footprint.


We conserve and protect water resources at our operating locations.

Built Environment

In the built environment, we integrate sustainability into design, construction, operation and maintenance for resiliency.


GreenPath® initiatives have saved millions of gallons of water, reduced energy consumption and diverted thousands of tons of solid waste from the landfill. For these efforts, GreenPath® has received recognition and awards from various organizations.


We are driven by purpose, it is our commitment to the environment and our future. While proud of the impact that our GreenPath initiatives have made, we recognize there is more to be done – and so our sustainability journey continues.