The 10 Companies That Fascinate Americans The Most

Forbes published a piece spotlighting 10 companies that are highly appealing to Americans, and Delaware North topped the list.

The piece, titled “The 10 Companies That Fascinate Americans The Most,” called to attention Delaware North’s growth – including its winning bid this summer to expand operations at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – and sited the company’s popularity on Glassdoor, a website that serves as a one-stop-shop source of information for job-seekers.

“Job-seekers doing Internet research on interesting opportunities, and those investigating the work prospects at this 60,000-employee company, have been clicking on all sorts of information about the firm,” the article said. “Over the last few months, Glassdoor, the eight-year-old website known for the salary information, company reviews and interview descriptions it offers on 400,000 companies around the world, has been working on a new tool it launched last week called Glassdoor Trends. The tool allows users to see which companies are attracting the most interest among Glassdoor users.”

Delaware North was among the companies with the greatest increase, by percentage, of Glassdoor activity over the previous three months.

“This information can be useful for job-seekers in various ways,” the article continued. “If you’re interested in working at Delaware North, it’s helpful to know that many other people are, too. You can also investigate job titles, salaries, how current employees feel about working there and, if you get a job interview, what questions to expect. Writes one current cashier in Buffalo, where the company is based: ‘Advancement opportunity. Nationwide, international job opportunities in travel/hospitality, sports services, gaming, corporate. Some jobs are union. Well established company.’”

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