Delaware North’s innovative MLB All-Star Game efforts drawing international media coverage

Delaware North introduced several new menu items for the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Minneapolis’ Target Field. The company also rolled out another concept – one that drew international headlines.

Delaware North Co-Chief Executive Officer Jerry Jacobs Jr. spoke to ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell about an innovative new concept – DraftServ, a self-serve beer kiosk – that the company introduced at Target Field for the All-Star Game and maintained on a trial basis for the rest of the season. 

The story that resulted – highlighting the DraftServ technology – kick-started a week that saw Delaware North’s name in new outlets that included The Washington Post, Yahoo! Sports, the Huffington Post, CBS Sports, FOX Sports and even the UK’s Daily Mail an outlet in Germany.

As for the DraftServ technology, fans can buy a prepaid card that can be used to purchase beer by the ounce. A fan can bring a card back to use at another game if it still has credit on it.

There are two points of age verification: a cashier next to DraftServ station and an ID-checker at line entry. Delaware North then provides 20-ounce cups, which can be filled to any level by the customer.

“Jacobs said the machine doesn't eliminate the need for labor,” Rovell said, in part. “An employee will be at each one to check IDs if a person looks younger than 30 and to prevent any fan who appears inebriated from purchasing beer.”

“Delaware North will also use the All-Star Game festivities to show off some new food items, including lobster corn dogs and a Hangover Burger, which features two hamburger patties with bacon, American cheese and a fried egg with mayo, ketchup and sriracha,” Rovell said of Delaware North’s All-Star Game food.

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